I am Florentin ( or just Flo ), a computer science student and the owner and creator of this website!
I absolutely love everything spaceflight related and use a lot of my free time to design MOCs (My
Own Creation) of rockets and everything related to space!
Currently I am working part time as a software developer at an institute, but in the future I hope
to work somewhere in the space buisness or at a space agency!

Other than spaceflight and rockets, I am also very interested in science, astronomy, politics,
programming (as you can see by this website :D) and of course: videogames!

Contact me

If you have any questions regarding my MOCs or this website, feel free to contact me!
- Twitter: @TULDSkySaac
- Instagram: @flosrocketbricks
- Mastodon: @[email protected]
- Email:

My Collection

While I don't have the space nor the money to build all of my MOCs, I have built some of them!
If you also have built any of my MOCs, be sure to let me know and send some pictures! I'm always happy to see people building them :)

A part of my collection of rocket mocsA part of my collection of rocket mocs.


There are many programs to design MOCs with. The most popular ones are Bricklinks Studio, Mecabricks and Lego Digital Designer.
I personally use Studio as it has a user friendly user interface, many useful features and is the most intuitive one to use, though it still has also has a lot of stuff to improve.


Feel free to contact me on Twitter (@TULDSkySaac) or Instagram (@flosrocketbricks) if you have any problems, suggestions or ideas for my existing or for upcoming MOCs :)

An .io file is a digital file which you can open using Mecabricks or Bricklinks Studio program. It contains the digital model of the MOC. In Studio it can also be used to make instructions out of the MOC.

If have made instructions for my MOCs I will upload them as PDFs together with the digital io file. If one of my MOCs doesn't have PDF instructions yet, but you really would like to have them, just contact me and I will make them!

I mostly render the pictures of my MOCs using the inbuild rendering engine in Studio. If I want to have something more complex I export the model from Studio and use Blender.

To get the parts list for any of my MOCs you have to open the io file using Studio and then either export the model as a WL xml file or use the inbuild Bricklink wishlist import feature (the shopping cart icon on the top right).

More websites with rocket and space related MOCs

This websites source code is freely available on GitHub!:

If you have any questions regarding how I made this website, or any ideas on how to improve SEO (I am having quite a few problems with it...) feel free to contact me!

TODOs for this website:

- Add a section with pictures of irl built MOCs
- Add all of the MOCs I made so far
- Add more stuff to the start page
- optimise this website for mobile use
- allow text copy for cards
- more details in about tab answers
- add disclaimers on files
- improve SEO
- add good descriptions for the rockets & mocs
- improve WIP text above the files
- add links for more information about the rocket
- add question in about page about why there are different versions and what to build
- add xml file download
- improve 404
- show arrows in the related component to see more than 6 related mocs
- atlas v hlv has no canonical tag
- add indexed bufferindex for phong rendering
- tianzhou stand io file not working
- add support for transparent parts in 3d viewer
- lm-2e fairing 3d viewer not working
- add 3d viewer that displays multiple models at once
- close viewer when navigating away
- make about page prettier
- add description for other rocket moc websites and add stuff like the fb and reddit group

Terms of Service

All designs, files and images on this website are created by me and shall not be redistributed and not be used for any commercial applications without my permission.


This website provides free digital files and instructions for spaceflight related MOCs out of building blocks!
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