Proton-K Kristal Module

Proton-K Kristal Module
Brick count:857

Can be build completely out of Lego bricks.

Not Tested
Last updated: 2024-01-01
Build difficulty:
Not Tested
Placeholder color: Green

About the MOC

This is a MOC of the Proton-K rocket with the fairing of MIRs Kristal module on top. The three stages of the rocket can be separated from one another. The fairing holds just a little bit of space inside for something to fit in, it's not much though.

About the rocket

The Proton-K rocket was a Soviet and now is a Russian orbital launch vehicle with quite a long history. With the first orbital flight being in 1965 it has been flying to space to this day, although it has seen multiple upgrades over the years. The Proton rocket used for MIRs Kristal module was a normal Proton-K rocket without any special upper stages.

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